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Grant Park and the Chicago Skyline


John Saylor came across this graphic photograph of Grant Park, in Chicago recently and he would like help to identify and date all the cars in the front row. He has already succeeded with a couple of them but, as we do not want to spoil your fun here, go ahead and tell us the make and year of all the cars in the row that you can positively identify.

  •               Chicago2                              Chicago3

Take note of the Chevrolet and Frigidaire signs on the first of the lowest buildings on the left hand side of the photo. In 1918 William C. Durant (GM president at the time) personally invested in the appliance company that used the name Frigidaire. Between the years of 1919 and 1979 the company was owned by General Motors. Photo from the Model T Ford Club of America forum, where you can learn all about the Model T Ford. Information about Grant Park can be found here.

4 responses to “Grant Park and the Chicago Skyline

  1. L to R: 1929 Jordan 90, 1927 Packard 433, 1927 Buick Standard 6, 1929
    Desoto K, 1929 Buick series 121, 1929 Essex. Honest, I didn’t see
    Robbie’s when I did my research. I had the pleasure of getting up close to
    to a 1929 Jordan 90 7 pass. touring at Harrah’s Museum. It had been
    donated, but didn’t fit into the collection. It was sold.

  2. A similar, but earlier, view of the Chicago skyline as the picture titled “John Vachon – Chicago Parking Lot and Pabst Beer Sign.” Both pictures were taken from what is now Grant Park looking to the northwest. The obvious difference in the two pictures is the lack of the Pabst sign in this picture.

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