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A Winther Sport Touring Car from 1921

  • Win1
  • The polished wheel discs indicate that this may have been a show car.

One of the things we enjoy most at The Old Motor is discovering obscure vehicles and sharing them with you. Our subject today is one of those. While he was associated with the Thomas B. Jeffrey Company in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Martin Winther was deeply involved in the development of their Jeffrey Quad four wheel drive truck. The sale of the Jeffery Company lead Martin to go off on his own. In December of 1916 the Winther Motor Truck Company Company was formed and there he and his brother Anthony produced some very unconventional designs.

Win2      Win4      Win3

An article in the November, 1919 issue of Motor World reported that Winther wanted to “widen the scope of their truck manufacturing activities by entering the passenger car field.” It was an assembled car and a description of the components used, including it’s six cylinder Herschell-Spillman engine, can be found in the center photo above from the Auto Trade Journal of March, 1920. Contemporary accounts call it well built but otherwise entirely unremarkable. Production ceased in 1923, after which the tooling was acquired by G.D. Harris who renamed it the Harris Six and sold it only in that one year. The photo is courtesy of the University of Wisconsin Library.

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  1. The Winther was typical of the many “assembled” cars that were being manufactured and sold across the United States in the early 1920’s – while mechanically sound, they lacked the “goodwill” or reputation of one of the major makes, and thus they found it very difficult to build up a clientele or following. Only 336 Winther sixes were built between 1920 and 1923.

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