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* Updated * Isabelle Bracquemond’s Photos from Around the Globe

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  • Jimmy Murphy and his Straight-Eight Duesenberg racing car, at the Beverly Hills Board Track

* An Update * About Jimmy Murphy’s Duesenberg can be found below at the end of the text.

One of our friends in France, Isabelle Bracquemond, has honed her ability to seek out and find some of the most interesting vintage photos anywhere. On a busy pre-Christmas weekend, we have decided to put together an assemblage of some of her recent and very diverse finds for you to enjoy. You can also see a selection of Isabelle’s photos here on The Old Motor, many of which have served as the inspiration for posts here in the past. In her spare time, she is the Secretary at the French Indian Motorcycles Club.

As a reminder to all of our readers, The Old Motor is always looking for quality photographs and if, over the upcoming Christmas Holiday you can find the time, please consider sharing your images with us and your fellow readers. If you have photos of the same quality as you see here and can scan them in a high resolution, please email us here and we will send you our contact information. Post a comment if you can have any details of today’s photos.

* Update * From Joseph Freeman: “This is a great Hughes shot of Jimmy in his team car with Ernie Olsen, his riding mechanic, at Beverly Hills Speedway taken in the fall of 1920. This was the car that he used to win the 1921 French Grand Prix and later (with a Miller Engine) the 1922 Indianapolis 500.

It was one of a whole series of promotional shots taken at Beverly Hills with the cars in new paint and trim. Whatever is said about the aesthetic of Harry Miller (as opposed to the “dollar down and day late” reputation of the Duesenberg’s), this  photo and others taken that day prove that when the brothers had their act together, they could put on as much of a show as Harry any day.

Murphy was part of the team which swept the boards in the later part of 1920 and most of 1921. It was one of the high points of the Duesenberg brothers racing involvement and their fabulous 183 SOHC cars.”


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4 Responses to * Updated * Isabelle Bracquemond’s Photos from Around the Globe

  1. Can anyone identify Jimmy Murphy’s riding mechanic? Riley Brett perhaps?

  2. Richard Kenyon says:

    Looking at the electric taxi, I was struck by the lack of brake drums or even brake shoes that would rub against the wheel rims or tires to stop the fool thing. How did they stop it?

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