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Art-Deco Hupmobile

The 1935 Hupmobile Aerodynamic was a rehash of their earlier 1934 model. This Series J, six cylinder sedan in Hupmobiles words, was so attractive it was impossible to improve its appearance. But Hupmobile designers, with deft touches here and there have accomplished the seemingly impossible, and made the 1935 Sedan even more striking. We believe that this was the final year for this model with the distinctive windshield and Hupp came out with a more conventional design for 1936.

One response to “Art-Deco Hupmobile

  1. This picture is of a 421J,a 1934 6 cylinder model with 101HP.There are very
    few differences between a 421J and a 521J,but an easy one is the addition of a
    scoop on the hood side panel of all Aerodynamic ’35’s to force fresh air on the
    passenger’s feet.
    I have a 421J that was an export model to Guatemala that fell into the wrong
    hands and became a hotrod.I also have a 527T stock 8 cylinder.

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