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Mystery Photos From The AACA Library – The Louisville Salvage Corps.


Many thanks to Chris Ritter, Librarian at the AACA Library, who has sent us a number of interesting photos from the “random and unidentified pictures” box. Hopefully with the knowledgeable reader base that visits here regularly, many of these photos will be identified so that they can then enter into the AACA Library files. They will not all be brainteasers but some of them will be a bit of work to identify. Even if they are not, we hope that you will join in and post a comment about what you may know about a photo, and also add anything you can about the make, year, model, etc.

Louis2      Louis3      Louis5

Today’s photo is of a circa 1910 light truck that was made by a well known early automobile maker. It has been outfitted with a body for the members of the Louisville Salvage Corps. to ride in on the way to the scene of a fire. Salvage Corps were established by insurance underwriters in cities to preform fire-fighting services and to help with reducing losses. Later on the Corps role changed to salvaging property after the regular city firemen had done their job. Take a minute to learn about the services at the AACA Library.

4 responses to “Mystery Photos From The AACA Library – The Louisville Salvage Corps.

  1. Christopher, You are correct, so how about if everyone now works on seeing if they can identify the year and model.

    For the readers benefit, one way to easily identify a Stoddard-Dayton is their fenders, which feature an upturned end.

  2. Stoddard-Dayton indeed. On the basis of the shape of the rear fenders and some other details I would guess 1908 or 1909, the model then being an 8F or 9F. At the moment I have no evidence for a real Stoddard commercial program during these years, but in 1911 they advertised for the Stoddard-20 commercial wagon. Also in 1911 they built a (well-known) camping car.

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