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Trucking in Texas – From Mineral Wells to Abilene


The old cliche, “Everything is bigger in Texas” certainly seems to apply to “Treetop” Erwin, the driver of the Crazy Paper Box Company’s Dodge VF seen on the left in our 1942 photo. The unusual company name dates back to the previous century. For many years, the town of Mineral Wells was a refuge for those suffering from a variety of ailments. Following an action by the Food and Drug Administration in the late nineteen thirties, the Crazy Water Company’s marketing of mineral crystals extracted from their wells was severely reduced and they fell back on their box operation to survive.

Separated from the Dodge by only a few years, the Chevrolet Advance Design tractor in our bottom photo shows how General Motors scooped both Dodge and Ford with their new styling in 1947, just as they would do with their 1949 passenger cars. Their competitors would not catch up until the following model year. All three makes were rugged medium-duty trucks that provided years of reliable service. You can view many more pages of trucks, buses and equipment here on The Old Motor. Photos courtesy of The University of North Texas Libraries.


4 responses to “Trucking in Texas – From Mineral Wells to Abilene

  1. The Chevy appears to be a 1953 model. What is the HD grill guard about. Must be those tumble weeds in Texas. Looks heavy duty all around,but I wasn’t able to find any GVW. For that matter I don’t see that on the Dodge either.

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