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New and O.K. Used Cars at Knapp Chevrolet in Houston, Texas

  • Knapp1
  • A customer takes delivery of her new 1940 Chevrolet at Knapp 

Long before there were certified pre-owned automobiles, there were OK used cars at your local Chevrolet dealer. The earliest reference to the well known slogan that we have found is in an ad from the November 8, 1917 issue of Automotive Industries for the American Six which mentions that Louis Chevrolet was the vice president and chief engineer of the company at the time. The ad copy explains, “The American Six is built under the direct supervision of Louis Chevrolet” and “bears his personal O.K…..on the inside of the dash when you raise the hood.”

Knapp2      Knapp3       Knapp4

This American Motors Corporation, not to be confused with the Nash successor or the makers of the famous Underslung, built assembled cars between 1916 and 1924 using Amco, Rutenber or Hershell-Spillman engines. They became associated with the Bessemer Truck Corporation in 1923 to form Amalgamated Motors, who built Winther and Northway trucks, and the “OK” slogan and logo eventually found its way onto the Chevrolet used car lot. Knapp Chevrolet, whose photos we are using here today, is still in business in Houston.

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