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Torture Testing the 1936 Plymouth

For this Sunday’s entertainment feature we have a video showing the testing of the 1936 Plymouth, along with daredevil driving by both Lucky Teter and Jimmie Lynch. Although they were not engaged in the type of scientific testing that went on at the car company, it dramatically demonstrated the rugged construction of the new Model to potential customers who probably saw this film as a short subject in their neighborhood movie theatre.

Teter and Lynch were popular practitioners of the art of “Hell Driving”. In fact, Teter is widely credited with being the first to use the term. Both were loyal to Chrysler products and used them exclusively throughout their careers. Teter’s luck ran out on July 5, 1942 during a show in Indianapolis while attempting a one hundred-fifty foot jump over a semi-trailer. Lynch’s troupe had the distinction of appearing at both the 1939 and 1964 New York World’s Fairs. You can see more videos covering a wide variety of subjects on The Old Motor.

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  1. Jimmie Lynch continued his relationship with Chrysler Corp. following WWII. I remember seeing the “Jimmie Lynch Death Dodgers’ performing at the Jennings County (Indiana) Fair in about 1950. The troupe used new Dodge automobiles for ‘precision driving’ and other stunts that didn’t involve wrecking the cars.

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