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A Double Feature in Color – Cruising Hollywood Boulevard by Day – Los Angeles by Night

Featured here in a pair of motion pictures that have been put on video, are two trips that will give you and interesting step back in time and a tour of Los Angeles. The first one above, is a daytime drive on Hollywood Boulevard and side streets in the late fifties. In it, you will see a wide variety of cars and trucks ranging from the thirties, up to current models at the time. It is incorrectly dated as being filmed in 1953, so here is a chance to tell us what was the newest car that you were able to spot in it. It is courtesy of Getty Images and Vintage Los Angeles.

The film below, circa 1946, was shot at night in Los Angeles from a moving vehicle equipped with a floodlight. It was produced for rear-screen projection scenes in an unknown movie. It starts out being a little slow, but from take two at 2:12 minutes, it is filled with interesting street scenes including: people, parked cars, buses, store fronts and theaters. Tell us if you spot anything rare or unusual in either film. Video courtesy of luridplanet.

19 responses to “A Double Feature in Color – Cruising Hollywood Boulevard by Day – Los Angeles by Night

  1. yes ,
    this it
    I’m sitting in the back of my uncle’s mercury ’52 and I am 6 years old again. Thanks for these video’s!

  2. Interesting footage Dave of life in CA. back then. The day time film of Cruising Hollywood Blvd. of is a fun watch, I’m identifying cars as they come in and out of the camera lens. The guy in the T-Bird towards the end clearly failed his drivers test.

    Night time in LA was a little odd, but enjoyable though. What I found interesting was the way they had to shot it. The camera man used a spot light while shooting which must have been a nuisance to the folks driving behind them.

    When the turned the light to view the buildings and people walking about I was waiting to see if some guy would pull up his collar and turn away from the light.

  3. I spotted two(!) 1957 Caddie El Dorado’s, at least five other Caddie’s, most of them “new,” and three 1957 Chevys, so my guess would be that this was filmed in 1957. My ride at the time as an 8 year old passenger in LA County, was a 1952 Ford Country Squire Station wagon,which of course I wished I still had. That’s the car years later I learned to drive in, and took my first drivers test. To this day I still love 1957 El Dorado’s! Beautiful cars.

  4. I liked seeing the James F. Waters Desoto Taxi conversions. James F. Waters was also the distributor for Chrysler Products in San Francisco. Marshall & Clampett was the distributor in Los Angeles. The taxis also remind me of the taxi driver character portrayed by Eddie Cantor on his TV show in the 50’s. There is also a crossword puzzle featuring a Desoto cab called “Maxie, the Taxi”. Of other note, is the absence of heavy traffic and street parking on Hollywood Blvd. You won’t find that any longer. Traffic is dense & parking is mostly off-street and expensive.

  5. Posted for Taylormade: The first film has to be spring of 1957. From the movie marquees we have “Friendly Persuasion” released November 25, 1956, “The Searchers” released in March of 1956, and the clincher “Wings Of Eagles” released on February 22, 1957.

  6. There is a quick shot of a VW dealership! Just a big logo. That must have been weird for the time. My guess one of the few VW dealers around.

  7. The 1946 color footage was shot for the 1947 film Down to Earth with Rita Hayworth; you can see it starting at 1:29:08 in the movie. Others on YouTube have IDed the streets as mostly on 8th and on Olive.

  8. In the first film, just after he turns right at 1:24, a Porsche 356 appears in the oncoming lane, pulling away from the traffic behind it.

  9. The latest cars I saw include 3, possibly 4 ’57 Chevs, tw0 ’57 Cads, a ’57 Lincoln. [ I also saw the 356 Porsche and the Henry J, (which could have been an Allstate) crossing. The 356 is just a block around the corner from the VW dealership and may have been headed there since VW and Porsche dealers were together in the 50’s & 60’s. A test drive or coming for service? ] There is also a ’55 MG TF at the very beginning, parked on the right. You have to look carefully as a Cad is partially blocking it.

  10. 1946 Film: Most of the cars are dark in color, with maybe 2 in red and a few in white or light grey. Not as many 30’s cars as I would expect, perhaps they were scrapped for WW II? Two Richfield Oil signs, motto “Lets Go”, and gas at 25 cents/gal. At 4:02 there is what appears to be a late 30’s Pierce-Arrow convertible. No other CCCA Full Classic spotted. Two movie theaters feature “Gilda” with Rita Hayworth, one with a line-up to get in, and patrons dressed warmly.

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