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Scenes from the Streets of Boston – Part III


The day after a major snowstorm here in the New England, this pair of photos seems to fit the bill perfectly. Seen above and located in Cambridge, at 2055 Massachusetts Avenue, between Blake Street and Hadley Street, was University Motor Sales-Goodwill Used Cars dealership. The five story brick building on the left was DeVincent Auto Sales, a Ford agency. It is not known if the used car lot was a branch of a Pontiac dealer in the area, or if the Goodwill Used Car signs were left overs from a previous use. The image is circa 1956.

  •                 Cars2                         Cars3

Also in Cambridge, below is an image taken on Elm Street showing the Elm Auto Parts Co. that appears to have been a small time wrecking yard. The business sold car and trucks, installed auto glass and sold parts. On the near side of the street where the photo was taken, there appears to have been a service facility or tire shop of some sort. The small sign at ground level offers front end alignments, while the upper sign offers snow tires at about the cost of a quick lunch today, and used tires for the cost of a deluxe cup of coffee. Photos by Nishan Bichajian courtesy of MIT Libraries.


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  1. Through the magic of Google Earth it looks as if 2055 Mass. Ave. is now occupied by a Hess gas station. I probably passed by that location many times during my 8 years in the Boston area, never took special notice of it of course.

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