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Jack Landon and the Baby Cars He Built


In the late-twenties if you wanted a baby car built for fun or to use in some sort of an act or promotion, Jack Landon of Los Angeles, California was the man to see. Information was found about the cars he built after noticing his name on the side of the small tire resting inside of the larger one in the bottom photo. An October, 1927 Popular Science article tells of him building his first machine after cutting down a small car, but what he used as a basis for it remains a mystery.

Lan1      Lan2      Lan3

The photos that exist show a small L-head four-cylinder unit power plant used in a tiny chassis, on which little replicas of Westinghouse shock absorbers were installed. He may have made his own wheels on the feature car, but airplane units may have been used on others. An outfit in Los Angeles made the tires with his name on the sidewall, as seen in the middle photo above. The car on the left above he also built, and the car on the right is wearing one of his tires. You can learn more at Pepito and Joanne and Popular Science.


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