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Earle C. Anthony, Hudsons and A Racing Champion

  • Hud1
  • Earle C. Anthony Hudson agency at Tenth and Hope Streets in Los Angeles

Better known for his Packard dealerships, Earle C. Anthony also ran a Hudson agency located at Tenth and Hope Streets in Los Angeles in the nineteen-thirties, which is where we suspect these photos were taken. They show him with Lee Miles in 1935 who is apparently intent on describing the small aircraft he is towing behind his new Terraplane, and for good reason. Miles was a living legend during the Golden Age of Flight. At the time this photo was taken he was the number one air racer in the National Aeronautics Association standings.

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  • The Miles-Atwood Special and Miles and Leon Atwood – John Underwood photos courtesy of the city of San Bernardino, California

The plane is the Miles-Atwood Special, designed and built by his friend Leon Atwood. A 375 cubic inch engine propelled the small 994 pound craft to a record speed of over 211 miles per hour in 1933. At his height of six-foot, four-inches, contemporary reports say that Miles wore the tiny airplane “like an overcoat.” His car seems a natural choice since an advertising slogan of the day went, “In the air, it’s aeroplaning, on the water, it’s hydroplaning and on the ground, it’s Terraplaning.” You can learn more about Earle C. Anthony and Hudsons on The Old Motor. Dick Whittington Studio photos courtesy of USC Libraries.


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  1. I see a 31 Ford Model A roadster parked behind the trailer. That’s not unusual but the model A wheels on the trailer is.

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