Old Crocks Meet Again at Brooklands

This entertaining and short British Pathe film at the famous Brooklands race track is well worth the time to view it. In 1931, this grouping was assembled that includes: a circa 1898 Benz, five motorcycles all between the years of 1902 to 1903 and a 1905 BNN tri-car. The owners describe them and start them up on film and afterward they are compared to two current British motorcycles, one with an attractive female rider. At the end of the film, the Old Crocks are run out on the race track. Courtesy of British Pathe.

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2 Responses to Old Crocks Meet Again at Brooklands

  1. David says:

    As a regular visitor to Brooklands I found that film most entertaining. But this one from the British Pathe web-site is utterly brilliant and bears repeated viewing; http://www.britishpathe.com/video/anglo-american-vintage-car-rally/query/american+cars+in+Britain
    I’m sure you guys over the pond will appreciate it too!

    • Good to hear you enjoyed it, yes film of the British half of the Anglo-American Rally is also well worth viewing. The Simplex that is in the film is here in our workshop for a mechanical rebuilding.

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