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The Earl M. Carr Pepper Gasoline Station – Lexington, Kentucky

pepper gasoline 1

This photo appears to show opening day in 1939 at Earl M. Carr’s Pepper Gasoline station. It was located at North Broadway and Belt Line Avenue, Northeast of the center of Lexington, Kentucky. At the time, judging by the scene in the background, the gas station was located with the areas famous horse farms.

pepper gasoline 2      pepper gasoline3      pepper gasoline 4

The gas station in itself is interesting in that the building is actually an old streetcar that was gutted, equipped with restrooms, an office and named Two Carrs. Pepper Gasoline was produced by the Ashland Oil and Refining Company that was founded in 1924 in Ashland, Kentucky. Ashland Inc. is in business to this day and produces Valvoline Motor Oil and other products. The Lafayette Studios photograph is courtesy of the University of Kentucky.

6 responses to “The Earl M. Carr Pepper Gasoline Station – Lexington, Kentucky

  1. That is an archetypical tobacco barn on the distant hilltop. The Bluegrass region of Kentucky was at one time one of the largest tobacco markets in the country. The OLD money in the area is tobacco money!

  2. I am wondering how many Pepper Gas stations there were and how long they were in business. Asking because I have an old Pepper Gasoline road map.

    • Debbie, on my grandfathers birth certificate it says that his father (my great grand father) Frank Rozelle Carr’s occupation was an operator of Carr filling station. Seeking any information you might have or know surrounding that name, possibly relative of your grand father?

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