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Finishing Touches on the GM Le Sabre Show Car and a Harley Earl Demonstration

Today we have a pair of short news film clips showing the 1951 Le Sabre show car. It was perhaps the most visionary post-war creation from the GM Art and Colour group guided by Harley Earl, who was assisted by a very talented group of designers. A clay version of the Le Sabre first appeared in the fall of 1950 and the actual car was constructed, finished and shown to the public by July of 1951. The video above showing the finishing touches being applied to the car is courtesy of GM Heritage. 

  • lasabre1
  • Le Sabre promotional photo courtesy of GM Heritage 

This concept car was one of the first post-war automobiles to introduce aircraft design elements such as the wrap-around windshield and the taller and more pronounced tail fins that were incorporated into the car. The Le Sabre pioneered new features such as a dual gasoline and alcohol fuel system, and the use of lightweight materials. In the short film clip below courtesy of British Pathe, you can see Earl activating the moisture sensor which would raise the convertible top if it began raining when the car was unattended.

4 responses to “Finishing Touches on the GM Le Sabre Show Car and a Harley Earl Demonstration

  1. I love this stuff. Very cool news reels. Did you notice the flex cable on the polishing wheel the prepper was using?

  2. Earl had a business on the side of running a school for car design.
    He used to advertise in Popular Mechanics. Guess it never really caught on
    because that was the last time I heard of it.

  3. Thanks for using the correct name for this car. So many writers do not do the research on this car and c all it a Buick Le Sabre. I have an original brochure for this car and it is called “GM LeSabre”. While this car was being designed and built, Buick had their own version, “XP300”, utilizing the same chassis and engine.

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