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A Packard Roadster at Thompson’s Variety Store


In a scene repeated in small towns all across North America in the twenties is this view of Thompson’s Variety Store in Northbrook, Ontario, Canada, taken in 1928. The town is located roughly half way between Ottawa and Toronto, in a sparsely populated area. The store like most in small towns, was where the citizens regularly met each other in addition to being the place to purchase groceries and gasoline.

This store was built during 1915 after the first one burnt down and it continued on until being torn down to built the area’s first supermarket in 1983. Can our readers tell us more about the exact year and model of the sporty Packard Roadster, and more about the visible pump used to dispense Imperial Gasoline? See more period photos of small town life around the store at the CDHS.

3 responses to “A Packard Roadster at Thompson’s Variety Store

  1. Looks like a one piece windshield that was used after serial no.??? a mid year,
    or rather a mid model change.
    The second series ran for two years,parted by a mid ?? model change in the
    parts book,at (and I cant recall the number)
    Can someone help and elaborate on this,Cheers Ben

    • I beleive it’s a 336. It has rounded one piece fenders unlike the 236 that is more square and bump molding’s on the top of the fenders.

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