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A White Fire Truck at Towner & Hartley in Santa Ana, California


The last time we were at the Towner and Hartley shop we viewed an interesting photo of a 1913 Overland Ambulance. Today we are back with an early White Truck equipped with a fire-fighting body that was likely constructed at the shop. The White Motor Corp. started manufacturing its line of trucks in 1910. Let us know if you can tell us more about this truck. The photo is courtesy of the Orange County Archives.

3 responses to “A White Fire Truck at Towner & Hartley in Santa Ana, California

  1. Indeed White trucks were omnipresent in the world after WW1 (even in The Netherlands!), but they had already started long before: from 1910 or 1911 they sold gasoline trucks from 1.5 up to 3, later up to 10 tons. You can check the March issues of the (Cycle and) Automobile Trade Journal for this. However I didn’t see a White fire engine before. Comparing with the standard White trucks and with other fire engines of the period, my guess would be that it dates back to 1913 or 1914.

  2. This truck is equipped with electric lights indicating 1912 or later, all White trucks look alike until the early 20s’. Notice bumper on front, very early for a bumper.

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