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* Updated * Racer Joe Jagersberger and an Exceptional Early Mystery Car – 1904 to 1906 American Mercedes


* Update * The car is a circa 1904 to 1906 American Mercedes and the following readers correctly identified it: Ariejan Bos, Stefan Marjoram, and Dave Biggins.

Joe Jagersberger, a well-known early racer and riding mechanic, is posed above in an uncommon circa 1904-1907 automobile that appears to be wearing custom coachwork. We are going to use it to test our knowledgeable readers who we are confident will be able to identify it. Send us a comment telling us what make, model and year you believe it is, and we will reveal the results on Friday morning. In the meantime, you can learn more about Jagersberger and the RAJO Ford racing parts he later manufactured here on The Old Motor. The photo is courtesy of racing historian Kem Robertson.

3 responses to “* Updated * Racer Joe Jagersberger and an Exceptional Early Mystery Car – 1904 to 1906 American Mercedes

  1. Phantastic photo and interesting ‘mystery’. The car is of course a Mercedes. My idea is that it is a 1904 or 1905 40-45hp American Mercedes, transformed around 1910 into something more modern. The result is a stunning sporty torpedo-style toy tonneau with fashionable front fenders. Amazing is the rather improvised attachment of the front axis to the springs by straps.

  2. Not sure I understand what is meant by attachment of the springs by straps. I cannot make sense of the trunnion blocks being strapped on like they are. Surely they would not be to prevent overridubg by such a distance?? Could they in some way be related to the removal of the headlamps? Maybe the trunnions are all they had at hand to fasten the leaves together?

    • A couple of readers have mentioned the straps holding the springs on in this manner. All they are holding on is the rubber bumpers. If you look closely the normal U-bolts that attach the springs to the axle can be seen.

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