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Old Car Dealership Photos – Have We Got a Deal for You

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  • A circa 1926 Nash Dealership with a new Nash and a used Pierce-Arrow

Old car dealership photos are always of interest to us, and we have put together an assortment of pre-war photos, some of which are identified. Just above is the Highland Nash Agency at 6330 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. Out front of the operation are what appear to be a 1926 or 1927 Nash Light-Six Sedan and a late teens or early twenties Pierce-Arrow Touring Car.

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On the left above is, the A.E. Tourssen Motor Co. used car lot photographed in May of 1937 in Utah. In the center above is Koeppel Auto Sales, Packard dealership that was located in Jamaica, New York, on Long Island. On the right above is an unknown Studebaker Dealer in 1940 with a photo showing participation in some type of an endurance run.

dealer7      dealer3      dealer8

On the left above is the Beveridge Motor Co., a Model T Ford Dealer photographed circa 1920, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, on East Broadway. The Packard Dealership in the center above is identified as being an Albert Kahn designed facility that was apparently located in New York City. The photo on the right above does not appear to be an actual Auburn Dealers building, but rather has the appearance of being taken at an auto show.

If you can fill in more details or dates on any of the photos above please send us a comment. The photos are via Vintage Automobile Dealerships and Automobilia.

14 responses to “Old Car Dealership Photos – Have We Got a Deal for You

  1. that big packard dealership is located on upper broadway in new york city, as far as I know, its still standing, I think it was used as a state government building.

  2. FORD buiding is still there. FORD MOTOR/EIMCO BUILDING (414 West 300 South). Renovating to office 85,000 square-foot building that sits on 1.6 acres. Originally built by Ford Motor Co. in 1923, it was used by them until the 1960s. Believe FORD was planning on assembling Ts in it using Mormon labor. Deal fell through. FORD used it for other things untill the 60s then sold it to EIMCO Corp.

  3. Studebaker dealer is General Auto Sales at 735 Broad Avenue Wilmington (Los Angeles) California.

    Both the dealership building and the 2 story in the picture still show on google streetview at the 735 Broad Avenue address.

  4. Thanks for the link; what an amazing collection!

    Jon is correct; the Albert Kahn Packard dealer is located a Broadway & Sherman Ave. in upper Manhattan. It’s not that far from the Dodge dealer you recently featured!

  5. The sedan in front of the Nash agency is an Ajax made by Nash. Note the 4 lug nuts, an Ajax feature, on each wheel. The larger Nash cars had 5 or maybe 6. The Ajax became a smaller Nash later.

  6. As both Jon and Tony have indicated, the Packard dealer building in New York is still there, and still (at least as of a year ago) has an automotinve-related use – as a parking garage and U-Haul agency. It looks to be in rather sad condition from the outside – all of those big picture windows have been bricked in at some point and (obviously) the roof sign is gone, but the ‘PACKARD’ script in the masonry and those beautiful classical columns are still visible. Here’s a Google Maps link for anyone interested:,-73.929707,3a,75y,20.18h,94.95t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sKsILOD0n8lMsKwXZxhSKIA!2e0

  7. The Auburn display is that of the WILKINSON MOTOR COMPANY located in Salt Lake City , UTAH. Grandson has carried on with JODY WILKINSON ACURA.

  8. The Pierce Arrow in front of the Nash dealership is a Series 3 Model C3 Five Passenger Touring Car which was current from about late Spring of 1914 to Fall of 1915.The Series 3 cars consisted of the A3 66,B3 48 and C3 38.The radiator has the sharp crimped outer edge which was characteristic of Pierce Arrow radiators prior to the 1916 Series 4 cars.Interesting photo!

  9. The Ford Coupe is shown in front of Beveredge Motors, 315 East 300 South in Salt Lake City, not the Ford District Branch building which is at 400 West and 300 South in Salt Lake. The Beveredge building is still there, as a florist and coffee shop. the Ford District Branch building is an Albert Kahn gem, still standing with it’s giant water tower.

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