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Studebaker Touring Car and Electric Truck Postcards

  • Stude1
  • An Actress using a Studebaker Touring car as a dressing room circa 1908

Automotive advertising collector Alden Jewell came across this pair of Studebaker postcards and would like to know: “Who the leading actress was who used this car as a dressing room”? The pair of cards have been dated 1910, but we believe that the car above may date back to 1908 based on its design and the shape of its radiator and front fender.

  • studep1      studep2      studep3
  • 1907 and 1908 Studebaker details in period magazine articles

Studebaker bought the chassis for its first gasoline cars starting in 1903 from the Garford Company of Elyria, Ohio, and later took control of the company and continued a relationship with it through the 1911 model year. The car on the postcard appears to be a 1908 Studebaker Model B 40 h.p. Touring Car as seen in the Motor magazine ad above right. In addition to the gas cars, the automaker also built a complete line of electric cars and trucks between the years of 1902 and 1912.

The article on the left and center above from the Horseless Age, March 1907 issue describes the 28-32 h.p. car that was similar to the 1908 model. On the above right is an ad from the November 1907, Motor showing the 1908 models that were available.

  • stude2
  • A circa 1910 Five-Ton Studebaker Electric Truck

The Studebaker Electric Truck postcard above shows an injured elephant that was named either Maude or Mille. She is seen with a bandaged left front leg and the text on the card tells how the truck was being used as an ambulance to take her to a vet. The article on the left and center below from the May 1908, Auto Trade Journal, shows and describes an identical five-ton truck and a smaller U.S. Navy ambulance.

  • truckp1     truckp2      truckp3
  • Studebaker and Garford Electric Truck details in period magazine articles

Interestingly on the right above is an ad found in the January 11, 1908, Automobile Topics showing the Garford Light Electric Wagon; it is quite similar to the smaller Studebaker unit, which may indicate that Garford might have used the Studebaker chassis for its truck?

More Studebaker Electric and Garford photos and information can be found at the History of the Studebaker Corporation. Postcard images courtesy of Alden Jewell.

3 responses to “Studebaker Touring Car and Electric Truck Postcards

  1. The “leading actress” may be Florence Lawrence, who was one of the first silent stars from the 1909 period.

  2. Garford may very well have used a Studebaker chassis for its trucks due to the close relationship between the two companies prior to Studebaker’s buyout of Garford.

    Interestingly, Mr. Garford invented the padded bicycle seat.

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