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Putting on the Ritz – The Model A Ford Town Car Sedan Delivery

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  • 1931 Ford Model A Town Car Sedan Delivery – Coachwork by Briggs.

Recently we posted a photo of an interesting M.C. Rogers Engineering Co. Model A Ford Sedan Delivery and were unsuccessful in learning who constructed its body. At some point years ago we found a reference that is not readily at hand to the many various different makers of Ford commercial and sedan delivery bodies; Ford at the time had many of its bodies produced by outside suppliers and we have now found an excellent online source you may find useful.

ftcdAfter a bit of searching, we were able to find a treasure trove of information on the subject of 1908 to 1941 Ford Commercial Bodies at Coachbuilt, one of the best online sources to be found on the subject of coachbuilders. There it was learned that this attractive and exclusive-looking body was introduced in 1930, and is called the Model A Ford Type 295-A Town Car Delivery; the builder was the Briggs Manufacturing Co. of Detroit, Michigan.

This pair of Town Car Sedan Deliveries were both photographed in the fall of 1931, quite late in the last year of production of the Model A Ford. Both images are courtesy of The Henry Ford.

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  • 1931 Ford Model A Town Car Sedan Delivery – Coachwork by Briggs.

5 responses to “Putting on the Ritz – The Model A Ford Town Car Sedan Delivery

  1. Enfield Auto Restoration in Enfield Ct is currently restoring two or three of these Fords. If memory serves me there are less than 10 that remain.

  2. The Type 295-A is also shown in the Crestline Series Book “Ford Trucks Since 1905.” The text states that only three are to believed to have been built in 1930 and just 196 in 1931. No price is shown for the 1930 model, but the 1931 was priced at $1,150 F.O.B. Detroit – more than two times the $455 cost of a Closed Cab Pickup (Model 78B). The 1930 model has a vertical windshield while the 1931 has a sloping windshield.

    The 1931 model is described in the book as being, “. . . finished in a choice of 40 colors, including standard passenger car hues. The 45-inch long, 45-inch wide, 42-inch high cargo compartment was lined with birch veneer paneling.” It also states that there is a sliding partition behind the driver’s compartment.

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