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Got Milk? – The Macon Pure Milk Company Indian Scout


  • Large-sized figural product symbols such as seen here were much more common in earlier days. The circa 1930 Macon Pure Milk Company bottle is mounted on a Winter-Weiss Company platform sidecar attached to an Indian Scout and was likely meant as a promotional piece for use in a parade or other event. Winter-Weiss was located in Denver, Colorado, and the image originates from the Denver Public library. Hundreds more old Motorcycle photos can be found here.

3 responses to “Got Milk? – The Macon Pure Milk Company Indian Scout

  1. The bike is a 1928 Indian Scout series 101. The milk bottle is mounted to what looks like an Indian package car frame.

    • Gordon, Thanks for dating the Indian. What we found was that this sidecar set-up was made by the Winter-Weiss Company in Denver. If it is exactly like the rig Indian sold they bought it from the company.

  2. Winter Weiss made a number of specialty side cars for businesses to use as advertising as they delivered their products.

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