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Route 66 Photos from the Joe Sonderman Collection


Here are a pair of interesting photos from the Joe Sonderman Collection and hopefully we can help him identify some of the vehicles in the photographs. The Weight Station above was on Route 66 somewhere in Franklin County, Missouri. The officer’s car appears to be a 1942 Chevrolet, but what can our readers tell us about the trucks?

The photo below dates some ten years later and was taken in St. Louis two-miles west of Lambert Field, supposedly in June of 1958 at St. Charles Rock Road and Natural Bridge Road; the photo shows us that traffic tie-ups are nothing new. The most-interesting sight in the image is the Ford tractor pulling a trailer-load of new Edsels.

You can view over seventy-five more of Joe Sonderman’s Route 66 photos here on The Old Motor along with his series of books that cover Route 66 here.


11 responses to “Route 66 Photos from the Joe Sonderman Collection

  1. Trucks in the top photo look like an International CO-4070 flanked by a pair of Mack EH’s or EHU’s. Bottom photo shows a Ford, probably an F-800.

  2. The state patrol car is a 1942 Chevrolet. The first and third tractors appear to be Macks, possible 1942 models. I like the “signboard pollution” in the second photo. This was before it became un PC thanks to Lady Bird Johnson and her highway beautification program. Oh, those were the days!!

      • Please pardon if this is a double post, I hit the wrong button. The grill and hood badge are different on the 46. It has no center vertical bar and the parking lights are mounted lower and to the outside. The horizontal bars are fewer and bolder. I have to confess my very first car was a well kept twelve year old 46 so I have a little inside knowledge.

  3. I came to mention Ladybird and her ‘Beautify America’ campaign too. I don’t have strong memories of the Fifties but it appears she was doing the right thing. Three signs for Al-Mar Foods within fifty yards is a bit much.

    Of course the road is all strip malls and ticky-tacky fast food joints now, so we ultimately gained nothing.

  4. In the second photo, the lead car is a 1953 “88”(std.) Oldsmobile. Second car is 1949 Pontiac. The car hauler has 1958 Edsels. Behind the truck is 1955 Chevrolet, followed by a 1955 Dodge, a 1957 Chevrolet and a 1953 Chevrolet.

  5. I do believe that this weigh station was located in St. Clair Missouri.

    New weigh stations were built sometime in the 50’s. If you don’t mind I will tell a little story as to what happened to the station located on the east bound lanes. A trucker was issued a citation that he thought was unfair. Several months later he came through again and found the station closed. He pulled forward of the side of the building and backed his flat bed trailer right thru the building. He was caught later in Ill but it took some time to go thru all the citations written and they investigated each one b/4 they caught him.

  6. The bottom photo is perhaps an accident scene, RR crossing or road repair. I say this because of the lack of traffic going in the opposite direction and the line of cars as far as the eye can see. The IHC coe in the top photo appears to be a D model or what they called a coe in that time.

  7. I can see 2 Edsels (1 on & 1 on the bottom) on the car carrier but I believe the second car on top is a ’58 Ford Fairlane.

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