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Glasscock Speedster

This custom Packard speedster is a 6th series (1929) creation known as the Thompson Special, and also as the Glasscock Speedster, named for its owner Major Glasscock (presumably the driver). Thompson was a custom body maker in California. Woodlites add to the futuristic look.


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  1. So does anyone know who this Major Glasscock was. I know he was a CAR GUY. Plates on the car r ’29 Calif. so guessing its just out of the THOMPSON Body factory.

    • All the misinformation floating around about this SPEEDSTER made me want to find out the truth. Believe i’ve pieced the true story.

      More than likely was a custom order by Lt. John Glasscock from the D. E. McDANELD Inc. PACKARD Dealership, Pasadena, California. Built on a 1929 PACKARD Speedster chassis.

      An article on Speedsters has a photo of the car with the owner sitting behind the wheel and notes that the man is Lt. J. R. Glasscock and was designed by the THOMPSON AUTO BODY COMPANY, L.A., Calif.; presumably built by them.

      There is a series of photos taken of the Speedster taken on the same day in 1929. Two have the Lt. behind the wheel. If u study them there is no doubt the Speedster is showroom new. 1929 Calif Lic Plate / 6W 349. Research reviled the house in the background was that of Donald McDaneld and wife Margaret, 589 Winston Avenue, San Marino, Calif. Donald was owner of D. E. McDANELD, Inc. PACKARD Dealership, 1095 E. Colorado Boulevard , Pasadena, Calif.. Not much of a stretch to think that the Speedster was order though the McDaneld Dealership. The Speedster definitely brought Glasscock and McDaneld together but it also might have been the love of airplanes. Lt. Glasscock was in the AIRCORPS and McDaneld was a pilot, owning four planes and President of the National Aeronautic Assn. Maybe both or more?

      The McDaneld house in the background of a couple of the photos is still there today in its grandeur. If you which to see the backdrop of the house that is shown in the photos do a GOOGLE Map / STREET VIEW 589 Winston Avenue, San Marino, Calif. and go around the corner to East California Blvd.

      Lt. John Raglan Glasscock, Jr. was born in Oakland, California on September 25, 1885; D 1942. His father was a Bay Area attorney, who became the District Attorney of Alameda County, a U.S. Congressman, and ultimately the Mayor of Oakland, Calif. The Lt. along with being a hell of a car guy
      -Attended University Of California at Berkley.
      -Held the World Record for ascent time of the Matterhorn Swiss Alps.
      -Carrier soldier
      -In 1908 received a commission from the British Government to explore the Forbidden Lands of Tibet.
      -Served in WWI and WWII
      In 1930, the U.S. Census found Glasscock living in bachelor officers’ quarters at MARCH FIELD in Perris, Ca. Approx. 50 miles from the McDaneld dealership and home.

      The Speedster that shows up every so often is a replica and not the orig. Guessing the original 1929 has gone to the Race Track in the sky.

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