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The Taylor Tire Company – Service During Tough Times

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  • The Taylor Tire Company in 1934

The Taylor Tire Company of Lexington, Kentucky opened this new facility, during the trying times at the beginning the Great Depression on November 15, 1930. The organization must have had some strong backing and good management to make it through the next half-a-dozen or more difficult years. The photo above dating from 1934 shows considerable activity at the service facility that was located at East Vine and Southeastern Avenue.

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  • Lube and brake service – Opening day 1930 – Lube and oil service

The changes that can be seen during the years by studying the photos show that the Company first was a dealer for B.F.Goodrich tires in 1930 at its opening. Later in 1934, Taylor was handling Seiberling tires and Pepper Gasolines. By 1937, the year the photo on the right above was taken, the brake-testing machine visible in the left image had been removed, the walls and floor were painted and a more modern lubrication system had been installed. The Photographer’s truck is on the lift in this image.

The photo below dated 1932 shows a weathered early Model A Ford, a popular work truck at the time, doing duty as a mobile tire service truck. Note the air tank mounted behind the cab with the remains of a Pepper Ethel decal on its end. The photos are courtesy of the University of Kentucky. 


14 responses to “The Taylor Tire Company – Service During Tough Times

  1. That’s an impressive structure. The garage is very well lit considering that none of the lights are on. I’m guessing that it’s the photographer’s lights as I can’t imagine daylight could get into all the corners like that. Shame that it had to get knocked down but the residents probably thought it looked too old-fashioned for the jet-age Fifties anyway.

  2. I once saw a 1940s photo of a Indian dealership that had bouquets of flowers all over the showroom floor and it wasn’t opening day or anything. The dealer actually thought it might help sell motorcycles!

  3. The horn’s bent inward, there’s something on the bumper and it has the typical rip in the fender but anybody seeing this picture would love to have that A truck.

  4. I’m not sure of the purpose of this article but In 1948 My grandfather worked at Taylor Tire Company in Lexington, Ky. I still have his pay stubs

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