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A Thomas Built for Catching the Bad Guys

  • thomas
  • A Thomas outfitted for the Cleveland, Ohio Police Department 

The year that this Thomas was built is unknown, but thanks to a notation on the back of the photo we do know that it was built for the Cleveland, Ohio Police Department. Where the sporty Mercer-like bodywork work for it was constructed though is unknown. It is believed to be one of the 6-40 Models made between the years of 1910 and 1912. If you can tell us more please let us know. The photo is courtesy of The Revs Institute.

2 responses to “A Thomas Built for Catching the Bad Guys

  1. My suggestion would be a 1910 model M 6-40. The reason for this is first the louvre pattern with centre handle on the hood, which is characteristic for the 6-40. With respect to the production year; the rear fender is equal in shape to that of the 1910 touring car, whereas in 1911 the rear fender changed into a more fashionable shape, ending horizontal after a kink. Comparing sizes, it seems to me that the standard touring car chassis served as the basis for this very stylish car.

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