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Curves and Shapes from Pebble Beach by Steve Natale

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  • The attractive Alan Leamy designed 1933 Auburn Twelve Salon Speedster.

It is close to impossible to take any good photos after the gate opens up to the public at Pebble Beach in mid-morning due to the crowds, that and the bright sunshine that came out this year made for very challenging photography. We will have more coverage coming up soon from Pebble Beach, but in the meantime, here are some shots of some of the interesting shapes that caught photographer Steve Natale’s eye.

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  • A Lalique Ornament –  1911 Hotchkiss Berline – Graber-Bodied Packard

Below is part of the line-up of the Ruxton’s this year modeling the very distinctively styled Woodlite head and fender lamps. Look for a special feature in the coming days of a grouping of the cars that were set up for a photo shoot on Saturday, the day before the Concours d’Elegance on the field at Pebble Beach with their headlamps lit. The photos are courtesy of Steve Natale.


4 responses to “Curves and Shapes from Pebble Beach by Steve Natale

  1. Thank you for the photos. The Ruxton from our collection went to the show (on short order) to help round out the field. Looking forward to seeing all of the Ruxton’s grouped together.

  2. Nice work, since good photography at Pebble Beach can be tough. You can get the best photos of the cars by themselves in the equestrian area if you have the credentials for admission there. The challenge in that area is that the cars sometimes aren’t fully detailed or you end up with a trailer or fence in the background.

    • I have been there in the transporter parking lot working to get cars ready for the event in the past. It is a good spot to go look at them, but as you mention it’s hard to get a good photo there.

      The part of the Tour on Route 1 south of Carmel is where I would go to take photos or out on the field early in the morning.

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