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Classic Cars and Models in the California Sun


We do not know the reason why either of these mid-to-late twenties photos were taken, but it is likely that they were used for promotional purposes. The Packard Phaeton image above may have been taken for a Packard dealer or possibly for the Company itself. Note the two-tone wheels.

The Marmon below with a model pointing at the front suspension may have been used to bring attention to some new feature. If you can date and tell us the model of either car please let us know. The photos are courtesy of the USC Libraries.


12 responses to “Classic Cars and Models in the California Sun

  1. I’ll bet she’s pointing to the new shock absorbers! This was about the time that Lovejoy began to replace snubbers.

  2. Marmon introduced an optional four-wheel drum brake system for their Model 34 in September of 1923. The young lady is pointing to the new front-wheel brake assembly used with the option , I think.

  3. The Packard appears to be 1926. One piece windshield
    1925 was the rain vision windshield that opened,and was a
    two piece affair. I dont think the alloy tyre brackets were used
    after 26. Cheers, Ben

  4. No doubt Ben’s correct about the windshield/date; he owned a sport model much like this one but with the two piece windshield. No comments (yet) on the small radiator badge which mimics the Packard radiator shape. I don’t recall seeing that in any other period Packard photos, and am interested in knowing more.

  5. Quite possible that the young lady in the Packard pic is a movie star and it was taken for dealer promotional purposes. I am “into” old movies including silents but I can’t place her. Clara Bow, maybe?

  6. I’ll go with Terry Boyce: she’s pointing to the front wheel brake, an upgrade adopted by many European makers in 1923 and by US manufacturers the following year.

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