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Henry Ford’s Model TT Truck at Work at the Factory and the Farm


Henry Ford was well-known as being one of the most frugal of the captains of industry in the early part of the last century. He had everything possible done in house and under his control. The photo above shows one of a fleet of Model TT Ford Trucks that was outfitted for hauling drinking water around at one of his operations. The Ford Truck chassis was identical to the car except for having: A stronger frame, heavier springs and a worm-drive rear axle.

We have no way of knowing for sure, but the TT Ford below carrying a huge load of hay may have been on one of his many farms in various parts of the country. The tycoon set up a number of factory towns around the land that built parts and assemblies for his auto manufacturing machine and did away with most subcontractors. Learn all about Ford and what he did right from the source, The Henry Ford. See 100s more Model T Ford related photos. 


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