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The Old Motor Debut – Welcome to the New Site

Welcome to the first new feature page here on the latest version of The Old Motor. Over three and a half years have passed since the site started in January of 2011, and in the meantime there have been changes in the way the internet is accessed. Smart phones and tablets are used by many today, and this new website has a responsive design to accommodate all of these devices. It is a new state-of-the-art system that takes advantage of modern high-speed transmission of data quickly and also enables the use of larger images.

The site was custom built by Adrian Pelletier of Build Interactive, who has been constructing digital products for over a decade. He specializes in web design, development, and mobile applications. He has worked with clients and businesses of all types and sizes from all over the globe. He is a car enthusiast and enjoys restoring his own classic cars.

This new site has two versions with different features: One is for mobile devices and smart phones, and it is automatically in sync with them; the second is for desktops, laptops and tablets, and it can be changed in width to suit the screen it is being used on. By clicking on the bottom right-hand corner of your browser and dragging it to the left or right, it will automatically adjust to whatever width you choose. Give it a try and see just how you can customize it for your own use and how the site will react to it.

  • linc
  • Colorized copy of a period photo of a 1929 Lincoln Model L courtesy of Patty Allison.

Using the photo above you can learn about the options for viewing images that have been carried over from the last version of the site. If you click on the photo, it will open up again in a different window, and at that point you have two options; the first choice is you can continue to cycle through all of the photos in the post just by clicking on each image. To return to the main article, click on the white link with an arrow that can be seen at the left below the photo.

The second option is to enlarge the images; above each one you will notice a line that tells you the date it was published and to the right you can read in this case: Full size is 1200 x 750 pixels. If you want to see the larger version, click on the colored 1200 x 750 notation and it will enlarge it to the full size. To return you need to use your computer or device’s process to go back and then click back again or use the white link at the bottom to return to the post.

  • new1
  • Actress Betty Egan (Betty Westmore) and Broadway performer Pearl Eaton with a 1929 Packard.

To help you navigate the new site, after you are finished with a post you can click on home at the left side of the top header and go back the the home page. The other option is to go to the bottom of the page you are on and click on either of the links just above the multi-colored social networking buttons as seen below. Clicking on the left link will take you to older posts and the right to the newer ones.


While you are at the bottom of the page (see above) note that you can also share any post with friends simply by clicking on the email button and sending a link to them or use your own email address for forwarding later. The four buttons are for the most popular social networking sites that you can use to share the content with your friends there. To leave a comment on the site, use the Leave a Reply box at the very bottom of the page.

The other changes are the search box and all of the site categories have been moved to the top of the right-hand column (see image below left). You can access all of the nineteen different areas on the site that include the 3,000-plus posts and 11,000 photos that are now on The Old Motor by clicking on the the white triangle on the right-hand side of the box and a drop-down menu will appear.

  •                                    site                                    site1
  •                                    Details of the new search box, categories and email subscription areas.

The newsletter sign up box has been moved to the left-hand side of the footer at the bottom of the page. To use it you click on the box where you see Email Address, then enter your address and then click on subscribe; we will then send you a spam-free weekly newsletter showing all the new content that has been added in the last seven-days with a direct link to each post that will take you to what you choose to view.

So there you have it – take a few moments to look around and learn all about the new site. Take a minute to learn about the photo display system, as it will make your return visits more enjoyable. We will be working to finish up a few things in the coming weeks and take care of any issues that might crop up. If you are a longtime reader, the new site might feel a bit like it does when you first operate an old car, but we hope you will give it at test drive and soon feel at home. And one last thing, please tell all of your old car friends about it. Leave us a comment with your thoughts and do let us know if you spot any issues. The top photo is courtesy of Patty Allison, and the lower photo is courtesy of the AACA Library.


22 responses to “The Old Motor Debut – Welcome to the New Site

  1. I love the look; it has an elegant panache. This is such a wonderful magazine in the “old motor” world and I think it is the best.

  2. An exceptional redesign! I Appreciate the additional width. It’s always bothered me to see a blog with three inches of real estate on either side of a crowded post. It’s a very clean design in attractive colors

  3. David…

    Great new look and I’m sure you will have bounds of success.

    Nicely done and great job to your team.

    Geoff Hacker
    Forgotten Fiberglass

  4. The new format is simply wonderful;I’ve been reading it every day since day one,and the new design really”pops”.As a long-term member of the Auto Committee at Heritage Museums & Gardens,in Sandwich,Mass.,I really appreciate all the information on early cars.Heritage has 41 antique and Classic American cars in its collection,and your website is a great resource!

  5. David, we just arrived in your back yard here in Portsmouth to do the 2014 AACA Sentimental Tour. Long tow from Florida and the first thing I went to upon booting up was TOM for a really nice surprise. Very nicely done; Congratulations to you and Adrian!

  6. Love your site. Not that the “OLD” motor was bad, but this is like a newly rebuilt carb, fresh gas in the tank, and a pretty day to drive the thing!

  7. Just wanted to say Congratulations.

    And, I also love the colorized Lincoln picture – a sharp color combination (maroons could be interesting as well) !


  8. David, the site looks great and very well laid out. Great job. And on a side note, love the picture of Egan and Eaton in front of the Packard. Looking at that photo you’d think it was a recreation of an old picture. Egan’s attire fits right in with styles you would see today. And that’s 1929.

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