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A Hudson At Sheepshead Bay

Dan Hickey and his mechanic Earl Case pose for a picture while they were testing their Hudson racing car, at the Sheepshead Bay Track just outside of New York City. Racing was held there on the two and a half-mile banked wooden oval, which was owned by a group of investors between 1915 and 1919 when it closed. After the track closed in 1919 the property was sold and developed into residential real estate.

One response to “A Hudson At Sheepshead Bay

  1. I guess this is the repainted & renumbered HUDSON Hickey drove to 9th place in the INDY 500 in 1919, Ira Vail finished one spot in front of hin in a twin factory HUDSON. A third factory HUDSON finished in 14th place driven by Ora Haibe. There was a photo on the HAMB of all three cars together.

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