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Lime Rock Park Historic Festival 32 – Group Two Racing Action

Since its start in 1983, Lime Rock’s Historic Festival has become the East Coast’s premier vintage and historic racing event of the year. This year the Honored Guest was Sir Stirling Moss, who was accompanied with his wife Lady Susie. Ralph Lauren was named the Honored Collector this year and a number of magnificent cars from his private car collection were on display.

Over 300 vintage and historic race cars filled the paddock; the Swap Meet was active and filled with treasures; the Midway at the top of the hill overlooking the track contained many interesting exhibits and activities. Practice sessions were held on Friday and races on both Saturday and Monday with a rest day in the middle for the Sunday in the Park Concours d’Elegance.

The feature races were held on Monday with more than 300 cars in nine different groups spread between the morning and afternoon sessions separated by a break for lunch. Today we are sharing with you over a dozen photos of the Group Two entrants and on-the-track action with their racing cars courtesy of Joshua Sweeney of Shoot for Details.

The finishing order of the top five in the field of twenty cars in Monday’s final Race Four was: Peter Greenfield-1935 Alfa Romeo 8C 35, Peter Giddings-1931 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3, Dan Leonard-1953 Lotus Mark VI, Paul Fitzgerald-1953 MGTD and Ben Bragg-1935 The Old Grey Mare Special. You can find all of the race results here, and learn more at the Lime Rock Park Historic Festival.


Peter Giddings – 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8c35


Dorien Berteletti – 1934 Hudson Indy Racing Special


Jon Lee – 1940 Lloyd Rockey Special


Chris Towner – 1938 Morgan F


Bill Holman – 1934 Ford Sprinter


Bob Reed – 1929 Blower Bentley


Ben Bragg – 1935 Old Grey Mare Special


George W. Holman- 1928 Stutz Blackhawk


Tom Clifford – 1929 Bugatti T37A


Sandy Leith – 1931 Bugatti T37


George R. Holman – 1929 Stutz Special


Tom Ellsworth – 1935 Ford-powered Amilcar

6 responses to “Lime Rock Park Historic Festival 32 – Group Two Racing Action

  1. Beautiful ! It is so neat to see folks driving their treasures ! Now, a question…what is the engine in the “Old Grey Mare” Special ? Looks a bit like one of Henry’s finest, but not quite right either… ???? Thanks so much for keeping us wishers and wanna-be’s supplied with your stories and photos. John

  2. I have rarely seen such a collection of photos of great cars. I would love to get even copies to put on my wall.
    Thank you so very much for posting them…sc

  3. Please note that the car that Peter Giddings is racing is his 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8c35. Although we had entered the Alfa P3, it was not able to run and the Tipo C was subsituted.

    Mike Sims, Peter Giddings Racing

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