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Repair Row – Montclair, New Jersey

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  • A Mercer Raceabout, Model T Ford Speedster and a Stutz Touring car in Montclair, New Jersey.

Many towns and cities usually have an area where older or inexpensive new buildings are located that cater to industrial uses and the service trades. This circa early-1920s photo courtesy of Charles Heyer shows what appears to be one of those areas in Montclair, New Jersey, which is the location of at least two automobile related operations. Parked out in front of Ray’s Motor Service are left to right: A 1912 to 1914 Mercer Raceabout; a Model T Ford-based Speedster, and a Stutz Touring Car.

Behind the three cars is an enclosed truck with a sign on its roof advertising Auto Trunk and Baggage Racks. In front of that truck and to its right is A.P. Heyer’s Welding Shop where both gas and arc welding services were offered. Like most shop operators in his line-of-work, he must have been a clever individual; one of two submissions by him at the bottom of this post are found in the November 10, 1915, Motor World that shows a pair of his adaptions. In Auto Repair Shop Short Cuts 1918 by Motor World, you can also see a rig Heyer used for holding crankshafts in alignment while welding them.

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  • A Weldor brazing or welding a detachable cylinder head, 1926.

The image above fits in well with this post and is dated as being taken in 1926; it shows a weldor using an oxyacetylene torch to weld or braze a detachable cylinder head. The oxygen tank on the left is branded Dominion and the acetylene tank on the right is from Prest-O-Lite. The photo is courtesy of Oleg Nagorny from Voronezh, Russia. One of A.P. Heyer’s adaptions, a tool-post grinder for a lathe shown in the November 10, 1915, Motor World, is illustrated below.


6 responses to “Repair Row – Montclair, New Jersey

  1. Love the tie and the shoes which appear to have a nice shine on them. Looks like he simply removed his suit jacket and put on the shop smock.
    BTW, nice job on the site. Thank you and your team for your hard work.

  2. Great photo and if there’s any way the numbers and year of the license plate on the Mercer could be had there’s a chance Tim Kuser and I could possibly identify who was the owner of it. Thanks, STAN

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