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antique harley-davidson at an endurance run

The Harland Krause Motorcycle Photo Album

This is our second post covering images from the Harland Krause photo album. He was active in motorcycling and the sport of hill climbing for twenty or thirty years in both the Beloit, Wisconsin and Rockford, Illinois areas. It appears he may have been friends with, or later rode a hill climb machine for Claude Smith, who was a motorcycle dealer. Smith is seen (above) during an early endurance run of some sort on a Harley-Davidson, and in the (bottom) photo of the post, posing out in front of the Indian Motorcycle shop he was a partner in.

Just below are two riders named Manz and Connors who were in the same endurance run with Smith, as he can be seen standing just to the right of the Harley-Davidson and sidecar rig they used in the run. The middle photo (below) appears to be the earliest photo of Krause showing him at the age of twelve years old posing on an early Indian Twin. You can take a look back at the earlier photos here in this series that are courtesy of Michael DeBock. If you can date any of the machines seen here, please send us a comment.




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  1. In the third photo (car in background) the bike is a Hedstrom single speed twin 1913 or 14. In the dealership photo, the sidecar bike is a Powerplus probably 1916 or 1917. The bike in the background is another Hedstrom, 13 , 14, or 15.

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