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Sweets on a Roll – A Life Savers Dodge Product Mobile

Today’s replacement for what has on occasion been dubbed the Product Mobile, is the computer-generated vinyl wrap that can turn just about any vehicle into a rolling billboard in no time. The ultimate advertising vehicle with coachwork representing a commodity was frequently used in earlier times and was generally constructed on a car chassis. It was used to promote everything from beer to shoes and left the ultimate brand impression on the viewer.

According to Life Savers, the brand was first marketed in 1912 after chocolate maker Clarence Crane developed a candy that would not melt in the summer heat. Crane sold his formula to Edward Noble who founded the Company in 1913, and introduced the foil and paper packed roll that soon become famous. You can follow the rest of the one hundred and twelve year timeline of the candy with a hole in the middle at Live Savers. 

The photo courtesy of the Vancouver Public Library was taken in front of Northern Electric at 150 Robson Street, by Stuart Thompson on Sept. 8, 1934. You can click on the photos below to study enlargements of the Dodge-based novelty.



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