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Western Avenue in Los Angeles – A Vintage Street Scene

This view of Western Avenue between 1st Street and 2nd Street in Los Angeles, California, makes for an interesting mid-twenties street scene. At the time it was a commercial area lined with stores and dominated by the Wilshire Fireproof Storage Company and a Fire Station seen on the right. This view appears to be looking North and has changed dramatically, but both the Storage Warehouse and the Fire Station building have survived as can be seen in this present day view thanks to reader Terry Roddick.

* Update *  The truck has been identified as a Kelly-Springfield, see the coments below. The street is filled with interesting cars and one lone truck that at quick glance appears to be a Mack. After a bit of investigation, it is found to be quite a bit different than that well-known workhorse of the period. Let us know if you can identify this truck or if you spot anything else notable on the street in the enlargements. The photo is courtesy of USC Libraries.

1920s Mack Truck  and 1920s cars in a Vintage Street Scene


10 responses to “Western Avenue in Los Angeles – A Vintage Street Scene

  1. I think the truck is actually a Kelly-Springfield, David. Horizontal windshield split, forward facing radiator and louvers on the nose are marked differences from the Mack AC design.

  2. I am no expert, but first glance I was thinking Renault when I saw the hood, before I read anything of the description. The hood looks to narrow for International Motors or Mack…

  3. Engine Company 29, the storage facility, and a few of the buildings on the west side are still standing. The fire station can be seen in the 1916 Charlie Chaplin short “The Fireman.”

  4. Western Ave. was known for many years to be the longest straight city street in the world, and may still be. It didn’t look much different, when I was a small child in the 1940’s

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