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Lambretta Amphi-Scooter and a Bond three-wheeled car

The Stilltime Photo Archive Opens With Over One Million Images

We found out via The Guardian in the UK that Chris Hodge of Chislehurst, a suburb of London, has assembled a major collection of images that are accessible much like Shorpy here in the U.S. Hodge is offering very unique individual images for sale from the archive to as: “The Stilltime Collection of photography that offers a unique window to the past. With over one million photographs taken around the world, these historic images show us how people lived and tell a story of how Britain helped shape the 20th century”. This is just a small selection shown here, but you can view many more at EasyArt.







2 responses to “The Stilltime Photo Archive Opens With Over One Million Images

  1. That is not an army jeep. It is a Land Rover, or even more correctly, a Hover Rover. Vickers Armstrong Corporation hoped it could be used for various agricultural applications. The project was developed in 1962, and it was based off of a Series II 109 pickup truck. This photo is in the book The Hovercraft: A History, by Ashley Hollebone, Chapter 4. The book states that three were made, and with the idea not being a success, all three were returned to the Land Rover factory, refurbished and converted back to road vehicles, and then sold as new vehicles.

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