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1935 Chevrolet and a 1930s travel trailer

Wombwell Auto Parts Takes Sales on the Road

Wombwell Auto Parts, was a good-sized operation that was located at 151 Short Street in Lexington, Kentucky. Not only did the supplier sell auto parts, but it also had a fully equipped machine shop and two trailers that were pulled by a 1935 Chevrolet Coupe. Back then as today, the busy auto mechanic or shop owner has very little time to travel to an auto parts store for parts, or tools and the supplier brought some of it directly to them. 

At the top of the post can be seen Wombwell’s Raybestos brake lining trailer that was used to sell the company’s brake linings and tools directly to repair shops. The three photos (below) show both the exterior and the interior of another trailer that was outfitted to display and sell automotive service tools and machinery. Seen inside it is: An array of machinery for reconditioning engine parts; a welding outfit; jacks and a porta power outfit used for repairing accident damage; a spray painting outfit; an air compressor and smaller hand and power tools.

If you can, help us to identify the model of the tow car, and the maker of the trailers. In the near future, we will show you images of Wombwell’s machine shop that includes babbitting equipment. The circa 1938 Lafayette Studios photographs are courtesy of the University of Kentucky.

  • 1930s travel trailer
  • Wombwell Auto Parts service tools and machinery trailer. 
  • 1930s travel trailer
  • Wombwell Auto Parts service tools and machinery trailer.

1935 Chevrolet and a 1930s travel trailer

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  1. I worked for this company in 1979 and 80. Not sure when but sometime between when these pictures were taken and when I worked for them they dropped the “b” in the name and it became “Womwell (pronounced “Wom-Well) Auto Parts.”

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