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A Suicide Circle Street Scene – Providence, Rhode Island

1960s Trafic Circle Street Scene filled with car and trucks

The traffic circle has a long history of keeping traffic moving smoothly here in the United States ever since William Phelps Eno designed the Columbus Circle in New York City that was built in 1905. We are not sure of the location of this circa 1960 photo taken in the City of Providence, Rhode Island, but with the nickname Suicide Circle we are sure a few of our readers can tell us something about it. Let us know what you see that is of interest in the photo. Check the enlargeable images below for more details. The photo is courtesy of the Providence, Rhode Island Archives.



7 responses to “A Suicide Circle Street Scene – Providence, Rhode Island

  1. We used to call it “the circle of death.” It is directly behind the Federal Court House and its official name was “Pershing Square.” On the right you can see just a bit of the plinth of the WWI memorial. The memorial was taken down and moved (after the mayor tried to sell the bas-relief sculptures for scrap metal… the surviving WWI veterans were not happy about that idea). Most of this square was built over the river, since opened up, so where the road is running at the top of the photo is now water, with a new bridge on the left.

  2. Back in the 80s when traveling back from Cape Cod from our vacation there, we almost had to go through Providence which in that day was nearly impossible. There was no ring road around it and if you followed the useless signs, you ALWAYS ended up lost or against a fence somewhere! I can well imagine the Circle of Death!

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