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An Early Fifties Providence, Rhode Island Street Scene

Today we are in Providence, Rhode Island at the intersection of Weybosset and Richmond Streets. This entertaining image was taken on July 22, 1953, and is courtesy of the Providence, Rhode Island Archives. Amazingly it appears in a modern day street-view showing that the buildings and the street have not changed all that much in the last sixty-plus years.

On the street we see an interesting mix consisting of a Hudson, several Oldsmobiles, a Chevrolet taxi cab, a Ford station wagon and possibly a pre-war Mercury followed by a transit bus parked behind them at the curb. If you see anything notable in the photo or can date and share with our readers the models of the various different vehicles, please let us know. Over eighty more enjoyable vintage street scenes can also be seen here on The Old Motor.


8 responses to “An Early Fifties Providence, Rhode Island Street Scene

  1. Oh, Mercy! Front and center, a ’46-’48 Hudson, and it appears to have the same paint scheme as my second car ever, in 1956. I believe it to be a Super Six like mine, although the Commodore looked much the same. The Ford Country Squire is ’49-51 vintage and appears among the newest there, along with the Chevy cab. The Olds behind the cab is likely a ’38 model.

      • I rather think the Hudson may be a Commodore 8 – not sure, but I don’t think the Supers had the fender lights. It could also be an earlier 1941 or 1942. Hard to tell from a side view – view of the grille would tell the story.

        • Alex, this appears to be a ’46 Super sedan. It has super hubcaps, super trim down the sides. Fender lights are standard if the dealer opted for factory turn signals. If it was a ’42, the bumper guards would be different. It also appears there are no dividers in the rear window-again, super. It doesn’t appear to have a radio antenna either?.

      • The oldsmobile facing us with the visor is a 1948 (the stainless rear fender stone guards were rubber before that and the round badge on the front and center of the hood happened in 1948, prior to that it was an elongated shield like on the hubcap of the 1947 oldsmobile nose seen on the right.

        The oldsmobile on the right is a 1947. The hood ornament has a pointed tail on the lucite insert of the hood ornament where the 1948 has half chrome and half lucite and in 1946 it had a tapered lucite insert.

        Nice photo!

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