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Collector Jim Fasnacht Discusses the Ruxton at Pebble Beach

As we reported earlier in our Pebble Beach coverage: Ruxton collector Jim Fasnacht was instrumental in helping to assemble perhaps the largest grouping of the cars since they were first assembled at the Moon Motor Car Company factory at the dawn of the Great Depression. Thanks to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance we can share this informative video, as Fasnacht, who had seven of his cars on display, talks about America’s first production front-wheel-drive automobile. You can also view our earlier extensive coverage of the Ruxton and see a number of photos at the Concours courtesy of Richard Michael Owen.

Ruxton automobiles at Pebble Beach

Ruxton cars at Pebble Beach

Ruxton automobiles at Pebble Beach



Ruxton automobiles at Pebble Beach

Ruxton automobiles at Pebble Beach



12 responses to “Collector Jim Fasnacht Discusses the Ruxton at Pebble Beach

    • Obfuscation means: to be evasive, unclear, or confusing which his statement is not. The two cars both came to market in 1929 and some older sources list the L29 as being first, but maybe Jim Fasnacht has found new information that has surfaced or the old information was wrong?

  1. I’d say Cord were first in earlier 1929.

    Archie Andrews was still trying to forge his auto empire to manufacture the Ruxton towards the end of 1929. The internecine warfare which followed, as he made what we would call hostile takeover attempts today on Moon, Kissel and Hupmobile damaged all those makers, bringing Kissel and Moon to a speedy end.

    Hupmobile recovered – barely – and staggered into 1936, followed by a hiatus from production until 1938 and final slide into extinction in 1940.

    Then again, Alvis built a front-wheel-drive car in 1929 in Great Britain, and what about Tracta in France? Hmmm…

  2. Christine Direct Action Car Co. produced a few FWD cars 1904-1910; some touring cars, some taxis, and a few well-known race cars with 20-liter V-4 engines. J. Walter Christie’s 1st FWD car was driving in 1903.

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