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The Doble Steam Car Revisited

Some time ago we looked at photos of one of Abner Dobles incredible steam car boilers and a drive train set up for testing. Here we have two photos of  what appear to be either his model D or E chassis which were his early designs. The engine along with the gearing and differential assembly can be seen in the third photo. Like most steam cars no transmission is used, as full torque is available at low rpm and only a slight gear reduction can be seen between the spur gearing on the crankshaft and the differential. Forward and reverse is handled by changing the direction of engine rotation.

The last two photos show cross sectional views of the complete burner/boiler assembly and also details of the burner. Without going into all of the fine points of the design it appears that the first section of it is a blower driven by an electric motor. This then blows thru a venturi where fuel is also introduced and it looks to be ignited by a spark plug powered by an ignition coil. The last photo looks to be a simplified and more developed version of what we see on the photo of the entire  assembly in the next to the last photo. After studying the design of this burner assembly I can’t help noticing how similar it is to the modern oil burner used for home heating.

We welcome any Doble or steam car experts to add any of the finer points of his design to the above brief description.


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  1. In the early 1960s Near Country Club Plaza in Kansas City was a man who drove a 1930 Doble as an everyday driver. Does anyone have further information about that car or pictures of same?

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