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The Harland Krause Motorcycle Photo Album

This is the fifth and last installment of photos from the Harland Krause Motorcycle Photo Album. The Model “T” Ford speedster (above) is the second view of it shown in this series, and the earlier image can be seen here. It appears that when it was built the chassis components offered with the Mercury Speedster were used, as the dropped front axle is clearly from that source although the body is not. You learn all about the Mercury Body Corp. here.

The first two photos below show Harlan Krause who may have rode a hill climb machine for the Smith & Enander Indian Shop in Rockford, Illinois, run by Claude Smith and Arthur Enander. Krause can be seen (below) in his own shop that he opened later. You can view all of the earlier photos in the Harland Krause motorcycle photo album here that are courtesy of Michael DeBock.

1930s Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle Shop

1930s Indian and Sidecar

Old photo of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

2 responses to “The Harland Krause Motorcycle Photo Album

  1. I like that National Cash Register shown in the shop photo. They were brass and you had to crank it with a crank on the right side of the register. My Grandfather had one just like it in his haberdashery, that was located in Chicago Heights, IL.

  2. My mother told me that even back in the 30s motorcyclists had a stigma associated with them as being rough,coarse people.
    Hunter S. Thompson wasn’t saying anything new.

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