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French Dirigible

Clement Bayard OHC Aero Motors Power French Dirigibles

After our post yesterday covering the S76 Fiat LSR Car, our thoughts turned to its engine, which served as the basis for a redesign that later resulted in engines used in Italian Forlanini F.5 dirigibles. In our files, we have had the pair of photos below for quite some time that show four and six-cylinder French Clement Bayard OHC engines used for powering French dirigibles circa 1909.

The French National Library (BnF) archives that the engine photos originated from, also produced this set of remarkable photos of a French dirigible photographed near Paris circa 1912. That craft, if you study the images is powered by a pair of OHC air-cooled four-cylinder engines that the BnF identified has identified as Clement Bayard engines.

Early aircraft and the engines used in the machines is not our forte, so we are presenting this set of photos as identified for the interest of you our readers. If any of you out there in the audience can tell us more about the two engines and the dirigible, please do. You can also take a look back here on The Old Motor at other interesting aero engines along and aircraft.

Clement Bayard OHC Aero Motors

Clement Bayard OHC Aero Motors

Clement Bayard OHC Aero Motors French Dirigible

French Dirigible

French Dirigible

  • clem10
  • An single prop machine with its wooden propellor. A Paris propellor manufacturer below.


3 responses to “Clement Bayard OHC Aero Motors Power French Dirigibles

  1. The dirigeable is the Clément-Bayard II (=2), built in 1910 by Adolphe Clément-Bayard (he had added the name Bayard to his family name in 1909 because of his admiration for this historic figure). The engine was a 120cv Clément-Bayard, driving two propellors of 6 meter in diameter at 350 revs/minute. It was meant to be bought by the French army, but they didn’t because of financial reasons. In the end it was bought by the Daily Mail for £16.000,- and presented to the English government.

  2. PS. The 4 cylinder Clément-Bayard engine on the first photograph is the 200 hp engine, designed by engineer Lucien Sabathier in 1910. The second photo shows the 6 cylinder engine of 170 hp, built end of 1908 and shown on the Salon de l’Aéronautique of that year. It was directly derived from the 1908 racing engine.

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