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Hispano Suiza H6B cabriolet Millon-Guiet

Forgotten Treasure Trove of Sixty Cars Heads to Auction

The Collector Car Department at Artcurial, a Paris France based auction house has just announced an upcoming auction of sixty automobiles found following fifty years of storage in untouched condition. The cars have been tucked away at a property in the West of France, under wooden shelters with one open-side, the roofs are covered with corrugated iron.

The collection was assembled starting the 1950s by Roger Baillon, who ran a transport company based in the west of France. He had planned to display the pre-war cars he was collecting in a museum. During the 1970s, before much could be done with the cars or a location to display them in, his business suffered a major setback. After being forced to sell around fifty cars, the collection became somewhat forgotten by others. The remainder of the automobiles have been sitting for years as seen in the photos below courtesy of Artcurial Motorcars.

Some of the most outstanding cars in the collection are: several Talbot Lago T26s that include a very rare Grand Sport Aerodynamique and a Cabriolet once owned by King Farouk, a Hispano Suiza H6B cabriolet Millon-Guiet, a Talbot Lago T26 Record Coupe with coachwork by Saoutchik, an important 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider and many other interesting cars.

The vehicles date from the teens’ on up through to the 1970s. All will be sold by Artcurial Motorcars in the first part of its annual sale at the Retromobile Salon, on February 6, 2015, in Paris. You can view the video below showing the cars as they were stored courtesy of Artcurial.

Panhard-Levassor Dynamic Coupe

Do not miss viewing: Discovery Of A Forgotten Treasure – The Baillon Collection, a must see five minute-long video below, showing many of the cars as found courtesy of Artcurial.


Bugatti Type 57 Ventoux

Talbot Lago T26 Grand Sport Coupe


Talbot Lago T26 Record Coupe with coachwork by Saoutchik



Talbot Lago T26s Saoutchik Cabriolet  King Farouk






1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider

1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider


See two dozen more fascinating images by Remi Dargegen here on The Old Motor.


28 responses to “Forgotten Treasure Trove of Sixty Cars Heads to Auction

  1. Such an amazing collection. The obvious value of such a collection is secondary, it truly represents the refined and appreciative taste of the automobile as functional art in the eye of the connoisseur. While some may voice dismay at the condition and quarters of such a fine stable, it is clear that the intent of the owner was honorable and a labor of love. I can only hope the future stewards of the art pieces hold the same love and appreciation for such a fine collection!

  2. Are you kidding me? Most of these look like they were total wrecks before they were parked or drug in there years ago. Looks like lots of parts, but few restorable cars to me.

    • No I am not kidding, There are some very valuable cars in the sale, some which have custom coachwork by some of the best in the business at the time.

      The next to the last photo shows a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider used in the movie “Les Felins” starting Alain Delon and Jane Fonda. It is estimated to be worth between 10 to 12 million dollars.

      There are a few of the other cars that might possibly sell in the seven figure range.

      Yes some of the common cars there will not bring high prices and may only be used for parts. I guarantee you it will be one to the sales of the century.

      • They are only original once, this is like finding out that Barney Pollard’s heirs still own a warehouse that Barney filled back in the 1930s!

        Probably at least half of the 60 were documented decades ago as they were owned by prominent people. Should be interesting to see the complete listing with serial numbers and the rest of the identification.

        I was entertained by early questions of the authenticity of the 250 SWB. Yes you have to prove what it is, but a quick look at the rest of the find is pretty good provenance in and of itself.

    • Seeing the video, a property like this can’t be that remote from a village or small town. We have remote places/farms in France, but not in US proportion. Something in the video gave me a sad feeling, what could have happen in the family? the whole place look abandoned, I think the explanation lays somewhere in a old conflict between generation… Which is generally ending with an auction sale of the family goods.

  3. Just amazing, I hope several are just cleaned and parked in a museum for reference. Some of the custom coach bodies are very pleasing, even covered in rust and ivy.

  4. This is just SICK! Even in there decaying state these cars will command very high prices at auction. This collection has to be among one of the all time barn finds . I wonder how many will actually be saved?

  5. David, I agree with you. There are some very Rare cars in that tresure trove, and this will be one heck of a sale.
    I see many valuable cars in the lot that can and will be restored, you can bet the house on it. Just look at the results of the Chevrolet dealership in Nebraska were many of those cars brought outrages money for some cars that were just common old cars, not cars like these that are vary rare and bring some big money in restored form. In about 4-5 years you will see these cars pop up at Concoures and auction right here in the good old US.

  6. I hope most of these cars will retain their coachwork. There has been a distressing tendency to re-body cars of this stature as what body is perceived to be the most valuable once restored. They are generally quite far gone but may in some cases the last unrestored example existent.

  7. Just this past Tuesday I was at the revs institute (Collier auto museum) in Naples Florida. I won’t be surprised to see some of these cars there eventually.The Bugatti, Delahaye and Ferrari will fit right in. Go to to see what I mean. And David,thanks again for your awesome website.

  8. I hope they produce a well photographed catalog with all the details on every car. How will we be able to order one. Bob

  9. I just love to see finds like this. I’m sure there are many fantastic stories attached to theses automobiles. I am hoping that more about the cars and their owners shows up in The Old Motor. What great stories could be told !

  10. Every barn, shed and open garage door is a potential find. Don’t let anyone tell you different. All of my cars were barn finds in Illinois. Farmers never throw anything away. Love this haunting tale of lost treasures. Thank you.

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