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The Roger Baillon Collection – Photography by Remi Dargegen

On Friday we presented the announcement and photos released by Artcurial Motorcars, who is handling the sale of the Roger Baillon Collection at Retromobile in Paris next February. The discovery of this collection came about when Pierre Novikoff, an old car specialist at the auction house received a phone call about handling the sale of the collection. He and Matthieu Lamoure, the Director of the Collector Car Department soon were on their way to the West of France to view the collection located in a small town.

For whatever reasons he had, Roger Baillon kept this part of the collection separate from the earlier batch of some fifty cars he sold in the 1970s, and stored them in a separate area of his estate. Most of these cars were unknown to the collector car world of today and some of them his family was not aware of either.

Well known, and talented French photographer Remi Dargegen documented the collection in images before any of the cars were moved or disturbed by Artcurial Motorcars. He and the auction house have chosen to share his work with the world, and today we are presenting this second view of the collection.

More details will be coming forth in the days ahead so check back for another post of Dargegen’s fascinating work. In the meantime check in with Artcurial Motorcars for more details about the auction. You can view a video of the collection and twenty more photos in our earlier coverage of the Roger Baillon Collection.


Matthieu Lamoure and Pierre Novikoff at work during the discovery phase at the estate.
























See twenty more fascinating images by Remi Dargegen here on The Old Motor.


16 responses to “The Roger Baillon Collection – Photography by Remi Dargegen

    • Mark, I would bet that someone will down the road. We don’t know the entire story yet about why the collection was housed as it was and why it sat for so long, but that will all be learned later.

      Thanks to Artcurial Motorcars and Remi Dargegen, we at least have his wonderful photos for now. We will report back when more info is available.

  1. David,
    What is that early cycle fendered racing car with the offset mechanics passenger seat? It looks bigger than a typical French cycle car.

  2. Tres Bien,

    Yes, I see the one of the same type of Talbot that I had …one of the same line. Mine is now in hands of Clive Clussler, but, but….I do NOT see one of mine…..Salmson2300s !! AND ONLY one Delahaye….

    I think they should leave them alone…but. At least I should see them at Retromobile… 25th year….

  3. Fascinating story and photos, would love to have had an opportunity to be let loose there with my camera. You wonder how the collection could escape detection for so long. However, about 25 years ago, my son was looking for an old sports car to restore and we responded to an ad to a place located in semi-rural Georgia, about 20 miles north of Atlanta GA. As we drove up the winding driveway we were amazed to see dozens of MG’s and other old British cars sitting in the weeds and in overgrown sheds. We were excited because he was looking for a basket case, as my husband was a master at car restoration. However, we were greeted by an angry guy holding a savage looking dog on a leash. He told us the ad was a mistake and we needed to leave immediately. We never went back,; now the area has been developed and the cars are gone. So I guess it could happen.

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