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Here’s a 1909 or 1910 Washington. Washington’s were built in Hyattsville, MD from 1909-1912. This one shows a 1910 Maryland license plate on the front. They were a traditional 4 cylinder, 30-40 hp car. They were  fairly low production, but fortunately one survives to this day.

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  1. The Washington was designed by A Gary Carter, brother of Howard O Cater, the designer of the Carter Car, and was built in the same factory as the Carter Car. The company was reorganised as the Independence Motor Co in 1912. 2, 4 and 6 cylinder engined cars were planned, but only prototypes were made.

  2. The Washingtons were built by students at Oliver Napoleon Hill’s “Automobile College of Washington,” where they paid to learn automobile assembly by making cars in a warehouse; Hill claimed he could teach a person all the necessary skills in six weeks. I can’t help but wonder what sort of build quality the Washington had, since unskilled (or at best semi-skilled) labor was utilized in their manufacture.

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