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One response to “Kansas City Here We Come….Circa 1906

  1. The building shown in the photo, now gone, was at 1525 McGee Street, Kansas City, Missouri. The Pope-Toledo Motor Car Company showroom was run by Joseph H. Wittman from 1905 – 1908, but was in this location only in 1906 – 1907. The Kansas City Automobile Supply Company was also run by Wittman.

    It is possible that the photo above was taken immediately before the Kansas City Automobile Club’s Endurance Run of September 11, 1906. Wittman is shown in one list of participants, but he is not listed in another. The run was from Kansas City to Paola, Kansas and return – a 95.5 mile run. There were 19 successful finishers out of a group of either 25 or 27 participants.

    On October 3, 1906 Wittman won a 50 mile race at the Elm Ridge Race Track in Kansas City, Missouri. The race was under the auspices of the Kansas City Automobile Club, and the track was a dirt horse racetrack that had been treated with oil for the event. Despite attempting to improve the track for the several races held that day, the course was soft and slow. The race was won by Wittman in 1 hour, 7 minutes, and 41 seconds (about 44 mph).

    It seems likely this is the same Joseph Wittman who made a record automobile run from Kansas City to Denver in 1907 in 29 hours running time (41 and a half hours total time).

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