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GREAT New Film Footage Discovery – Newark, New Jersey 1928

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* Updated * It is not very often that GREAT period prewar street scene film footage is found today and transferred to video for all to enjoy. Thanks to bluesman31 we have found this entertaining short film below showing cars, trucks, buses and streetcars at Broad and Market Streets in Newark, New Jersey shot during 1928. Let us know what you found of interest in this video that is courtesy of wdtvlive42.

* Update I * Since first posting this we have found the title and the source of the original. The film is Sightseeing in Newark, New Jersey and it originates from the Library of Congress. You can view the original eight minute film at the Prelinger Archives.

* Update II *  The control tower seen at: 1:25 in the film or one like it has survived. It was used from 1920s until 1939 when it was moved to Crest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery in Clifton, New Jersey. The cemetery enclosed the top portion and installed speakers to play music during funerals, see the tower here.

11 responses to “GREAT New Film Footage Discovery – Newark, New Jersey 1928

  1. Man, talk about your jaywalkers! Guess they figure the slow moving, light weight cars will just bump them out of the way instead of squashing them like a bug.

  2. It’s a great time capsule film of yesteryear and indeed amazing to watch how foot loss and care free the folks were then. Little did they know our country was about to be turned upside down by the great depression. Still, amazing to see those old cars and trucks, trolleys and even horse drawn carts in action.

  3. It appears that pedestrians were viewed more as speed bumps than as people. And those people were all dressed very well, I suppose to make the undertakers job easier or to save on burial expense.

  4. Amazing how popular wearing a hat was back then. For men and women. Now you hardly ever see anyone wearing a hat. The other thing that stood out – not a single obese person.

  5. I grew up in Newark throughout the 1950s and the streets looked about the same as the ones in this clip from 30 years earlier, the only difference being in the clothing styles and the cars. My grandparents, Greek immigrants, moved to Newark from Brooklyn with my mother, then 3, and my aunt, 5, in 1927, so this is exactly the Newark that my grandfather must have lived and worked in (Perri’s restaurant on Brandford Place just off Broad Street. If they could put Newark back the way it was in the ’50s, anyone alive from those days would move back in a heartbeat, a great city to grow up in, all the advantages of nearby Manhattan without the problems.

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