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Vintage Southern California Christmas Images

1930 American Austin Bantam

Merry Christmas to all from The Old Motor and we hope you enjoy this pair of American Austin Bantam Christmas images. The photos were taken for Walker’s Department Store in 1930 and show Santa Claus above and Big Brother Ken & His Kiddies below. Note that there are four Austin Bantam’s in the photo used to travel to the store.

The Big Brother Ken’s Kiddies Hour was a Wednesday afternoon children’s show on Santa Monica radio station KFI, and he also hosted Big Brother Ken’s Toyland Review. The cute little cars and the cast from the show were no doubt chosen to entice childern and their parents to shop at Walkers, who may have been one of his sponsors.

Learn the complete story of the American Austin Bantam by Robert D. Cunningham posted earlier here on The Old Motor. The photos are courtesy of the USC Libraries.

1930 American Austin Bantam

4 responses to “Vintage Southern California Christmas Images

  1. I think the radio station you are talking about is KFI, without the W. It is one of the oldest radio stations in the Los Angeles area and was originally started by Earle C. Anthony, who of course was the Packard Distributor and dealer for the Los Angeles area. 3 letter radio stations are rare and KFI in a 50k watt clear channel station featuring talk radio. The FI originally stood for farm information.

  2. Who is the driver in the second picture?

    *Judy Garland made her first radio broadcast on Big Brother Ken’s Kiddie hour in 1929.

    *In November 1930 the Gumm Sisters- Frances Ethel (Judy Garland), Mary Jane and Dorothy Virginia Gumm made a number of appearances in Big Brother Ken Shows at Walker’s Departent Store in Los Angeles. .(look at the next page too.)

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